I’ve been meeting a lot of small business owners lately. When I ask business owners if they have a web site the response I often get is, “We have a Facebook page.” I will start by saying I think it’s great that businesses are using Facebook and Facebook is an excellent marketing tool. Facebook is also a good start for a business that can’t afford to get a web site started. But ultimately businesses need a web site along with their Facebook page and businesses need a Facebook page along with their web site.

So now I guess you might be asking, “Why do a need a web site when I can get a Facebook page for free?”

Control of Design:

The most obvious reason you need a web site in addition to your Facebook page is because you can control everything on your web site. You can not however control everything on Facebook. How many times have you been annoyed by a Facebook update? How many petitions have you seen begging Facebook to “go back to the old Facebook”? Has Facebook listened to these petitions? Nope. So if you have your Facebook page set up all nice and perfect and Facebook comes in and makes a sweeping update, guess what. You are going to have to adjust your page to those new settings whether you like it or not. When you have your own web site you can make design changes and updates and you see fit, not based on what someone else is forcing you to do.

Control of Content

Have you heard of people complaining about their Facebook posts or content mysteriously disappearing? Facebook has the right to take down any content from your Facebook page, especially if someone reports the content for whatever reason. With your web site you have control of your own content. You will not have to worry about your latest blog post mysteriously disappearing. Your content belongs to you and can be moderated and edited by you.


I’m sure you’ve noticed the new unwanted ads showing up in your newsfeed. Some of those ads are competing with your business. When you invite your customers to your web site you can guarantee they will not be bombarded by ads from your competitors. You could in fact be LOSING business by only having a Facebook page to your competitors! This is a risk you do not want to take!

I will end this post in restating my point that I am not bashing Facebook. I do believe that with the growing Facebook population a Facebook page is necessary. I will cover in another post later on in this serious how to get the most out of Facebook. However, a web site is still very necessary and important.