I really want people making Virtual Reality content.

I want a community of developers working together and making great things for everyone to experience.

I want better content being developed by people that didn’t identify as developers a year ago. I wanted a VR community so bad I made one. VARDNet, or the Virtual and Augmented Reality Developers Network, was an attempt to corral some people into coming by the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center once a month. We’ve had great success, and I’ve met some great people.

But I still don’t feel like I’m building the VR developers community I wanted to have. So I developed a Udemy┬ácourse on what I’ve learned regarding Unity3D and creating Oculus Rift applications. I’ve developed a workflow and shared it with my students. I built the course to help me improve the community and get people on the same level.


Virtual Reality Course on Udemy Teaches Students to Build VR

I look forward to feedback from the course. It makes sense to me, but will it make sense to you? What am I forgetting? Students of the class will have lifetime access, so the ball is in my court to keep my class relevant and encourage rewatching and relearning.

My hope is that if I can help one person get better at Unity3D and start making cool stuff for VR, then I’ve done my job. I had a great time making the class, and I’ve already got a couple more classes in the works. If you’ve taken the class, thank you! If you haven’t and you want to, use Coupon Code:


For 56% off the course.

Thank you for helping make Virtual Reality teachable!