So we’ve been hired to create another 360 degree video player. Since making my first 360 degree video using Unity last year, I’ve had the opportunity to see that same technology used by 360 degree video producers all over the world. We are using it to tell stories about the blue angels and hiking in the Great Smoky Mountain Nation Park. Three sixty video content is here in a big way.

So why do we build 360 degree video players? Well for some businesses, YouTube and Facebook aren’t enough. Sure, they can play your 360 degree video content in your browser and mobile device. But then you’re really just helping those companies build more content for their platform. What about your business? What story are you selling? With your application, you will be able to control the experience your customer has and show them your product or service in the best way: your way.

Most people are getting virtual reality in the form of 360 video right now. More companies, including GoPro, Kodak, Freedom360, and Video Stitch, are producing 360 degree video cameras, making it easier for more people to start making 360 degree video content.

If you’re still watching 360 video content on a computer screen, you’ve got to get a google cardboard and try out VR. I can’t tell you about virtual reality, you have to see it for yourself.