Knoxville Veteran's Day Parade

If you were the Veteran’s Day Parade this year, you may have noticed a weird camera dipping in and out of the crowd. A local company called Agilibility covered the parade using a special camera and captured the Knoxville Veteran’s Day Parade on Gay Street in 360 video.

Agilibility captured this video to honor veterans, and to share the Veterans Day Experience with those veterans who were unable to attend the parade. While there were lots of veterans at the parade yesterday of all ages, there were even more veterans who weren’t able to attend.

Watching the parade in 360 video allows you to be able to pan around the video to not only see the parade itself, but the crowds reaction and excitement to the parade. The excitement and emotions were high at the parade and Agilibility was able to capture that.

To view these videos visit the Knoxville Veteran’s Day Parade playlist on YouTube. Here are just a few preview videos from this playlist: