Starting a new business can be a lot of work. And starting up a web site can be just as much work. I’ve done both and can help you through the process of starting up a web site. In this blog series I will walk you through step by step what you need to do to have a successful web site. I will particularly help walk you through these steps to make sure you maintain legal ownership of your web site and don’t become a victim of someone trying to claim ownership over your web site.

The first part of this series will address why you need a web site. Why have a web site when you can have a Facebook page for free? I’ll answer this question that I often receive and address a few important points here.

The second part of this series will address your first step in starting a web site, registering your domain name. How do you register your domain name and why is it important that you complete this step instead of your web designer? I’ll answer these questions here.