Cookeville, TN – The Biz Foundry’s Hololens Hackathon in April 2016 was a success. The attendees completed what may be Tennessee’s first Microsoft Hololens application. The group, comprised of 8 developers from Tennessee, built a demo application called “Day Lost in the Museum.” The augmented reality app allows for holographic sculptures to be placed in a physical space. That holographic sculpture can be viewed by Hololens wearers with full interactions, including a placard with useful information about the sculpture. The sculpture also recognizes voice commands and gives the user the requested information. Day Lost in the Museum will be published in coming months.

The Biz Foundry, one of LaunchTN’s Entrepreneur Centers, is located in Cookeville, TN. The Biz Foundry provides access to hardware and space for entrepreneurs, hackers, makers, and developers to build projects for platforms that they might not otherwise have access to. They will be holding follow up events for anyone interested in building applications for new emerging virtual and augmented reality technologies, including the Microsoft Hololens, the Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive. “We know that access to the latest technologies and events that allow the community to start developing with them will lead to ideas that ultimately become new businesses built around these knowledge bases,” said Jeff Brown, President of the Biz Foundry.

The Hololens Hackathon at the Biz Foundry created Tennessee's First Hololens App!

“I had a great time,” said Head Developer Daniel Buchanan. “The team of C# programmers I was working with were top notch coders.” That team was comprised of Nathan Martindale, Justin Lawen, and Orlando Wiley, all Tennessee Tech computer science students. The Head Hololens Developer was Joshua Vaden, a mechanical engineering student with a bent for programming. He felt the group was special. “I have been using the Hololens for over a month now and enjoyed collaborating with other developers on a Unity project.  Until the hackathon I was the only one at the Biz Foundry working with the Hololens, which confused me because it is such a cool piece of technology.”

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Daniel Buchanan – (865) 406-4015