This summer Agilibility had the opportunity to participate in Google’s first JumpStart program. The Jump Start program connects filmmakers with the resources they need to create virtual reality films. Creators get access to a Jump virtual reality camera and unlimited stitching with the Jump Assembler.

GoPro Odyssey

Agilibility applied for the Jumpstart program to capture the damage from the Smoky Mountain Wildfires with the GoPro Odyssey rig. Through the Jump Start program, Google very generously loans the GoPro Odyssey camera rig along with the battery packs and Zoom H2N1 Microphone to filmmakers.

During the duration of having this camera rig, Agilibility captured footage in some of our favorite spot in Knoxville. Local Knoxvillians may have seen us carrying around this massive rig and wondered what we were doing. We spent a good deal of time exploring some of the desolation in Gatlinburg. While there were some areas that have recovered pretty quickly, there are other areas that have a long way to go to recover.

Now that we have returned the gear to Google the work of post-production is in full swing. We are working to edit the footage we got with the Odyssey, capture a few more interviews from survivors and launch our short film in November around the anniversary of the fire.

Google Jump StartAgilibility hopes that this film will serve as a reminder to love and appreciate the land that we have been given. We also want to respectfully remember those who did not survive the fire. The wildfires were a major catastrophe to our area. Luckily our community is #SmokyMountainStrong and rebuilding bigger and stronger than ever.

Thank you to Google for giving Agilibility this opportunity. You can read more about the first round of Jump Start participants here