360 Video Production and Development

360 degree Video: Many Cameras, One Experience

360 video is an exciting new type of video that allows the viewer to watch video in every direction. Imagine, being able to watch a race as though you were there, complete with the audience around you, and all the things you would see on race day. Imagine being at the football stadium and being in the stands, at home. Well with 360 video, Agilibility has the capability to capture and produce 360 video in your own custom app or website. The best way for you to capitalize on this new medium of 360 video is to have your own 360 Video Produced and integrated with your existing website, youtube page, or mobile app for your business.

Sunsphere Camera

Agilibility has extensive work planning, building, and deploying 360 video production systems for clients, including the University of Tennessee. We were featured in the Knoxville News Sentinel about our work with the Virtual Reality Quarterback Training Program at UT. This system can be setup at your business and used to train employees in whatever tasks you deem necessary. We excel at building 360 video capture and delivery system. Here is some video we have captured and produced lately, with our own camera.

360 Video Custom Players

Agilibility can help your brand market its 360 degree video content with its own mobile custom player. Whether it be on the Google Android platform or Apple’s iOS platform, Agilibility has you covered. We can help you design a player for your 360 degree video content, content that has become very popular in a lot of markets, including sports, racing, football and other entertainment applications.

You custom app will give your business the edge it needs to appeal to a new customer in a new way. You can bring your customer into your store without having to make the trip. You can make virtual tours of the interior of your business and put them in your own application, instead of hiding them online behind your Google+ page. You can immerse your customers in the experience of your brand, and we can help.

360 Video Stitching

Agilibility also has a full-time 360 Video Production Specialist on staff and ready to stitch your multi-camera video into a coherent 360 video. We can help you turn your video files into Virtual Reality. Using the latest, state-of-the-art software, we are able to connect videos together based on industry standard practice in this exciting new field. For examples of our latest video stitching, check out our Youtube Channel.